TENA Personal Hygiene.
Caring for the individual

Skincare and cleansing are an important part of continence care and an integral part of daily life in a nursing home. They directly affect resident health and well-being, the quality of the working environment and the overall costs.

Understanding the benefits of hygiene

Better resident care
The right personal daily hygiene makes residents feel comfortable, refreshed and healthier. Good hygiene ensures the strongest barrier against skin irritations and infections, and helps resident self-esteem and social acceptance. All of which creates a more rewarding atmosphere for both residents and caregivers.

Up to 30% less work
According to a study carried out by C.H.U de Charleroi in Belgium (J Douchamps et al, 2007), nursing homes report considerable time savings of up to 30% with best-practice personal daily hygiene.

Lower costs
Best-practice personal daily hygiene is also about minimising unnecessary consequence costs e.g.:

  • Product over-consumption and waste
  • Laundry costs
  • Skin treatment costs

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