TENA Services for Nursing Homes

How can TENA Services help you? By cooperating with you to help locate, implement and sustain improvements in your continence care.
Individualised continence care is at the heart of TENA Services. Together we look to apply best-practice incontinence management – caring for each individual in the best possible way. Which can provide benefits throughout your nursing home.

TENA Services and the resident

Individualised product selection and care routines help residents enjoy more comfort, mobility, dignity and an overall better quality of life. And help minimize leakage and the amount of moisture in contact with skin. This leads to fewer skin treatments and, ultimately, fewer admissions to hospital or full-time residential care.

TENA Services and staff

With more effective use of products, care staff can avoid the strain of unnecessary changes of incontinence protection, bedding and clothing, and also spend less time providing intrusive skin treatments. With more time for the more rewarding work, staff get more job satisfaction focusing on what they do best – caring.

TENA Services and costs

Product consumption is reduced through good-practice individualised care. But it’s in the costly consequences of incontinence that customers save the most resources. Better care means less money spent on skin treatment and laundry. And better resident and staff well-being ensure the costs of patient care, personnel recruitment and training do not go through the roof.