Making care at home more viable for all involved

Giving patients better continence care at home can do wonders for their health and happiness – and it’ll make a big difference to budgets too!

Incontinence is an all too frequent reason for a patient to need full-time residential care. But what if their incontinence can be better managed?

Managing care ... and costs

With the right care many patients can stay in their own homes longer. And that’s not just better for the health and happiness of patients and their relatives, but better for healthcare budgets struggling to take the strain of an ever-growing elderly population. An optimized care at home service helps preserve your budget by minimizing the effect of incontinence on the lives of patients, care-giving relatives and staff.

Preserving your future budget

That’s not all. When care at home fails, more and more patients need full-time residential care at an earlier stage. Which is much, much more costly – in comparison home care uses only a small fraction of the limited resources. So by delivering better care you can end up safeguarding your own future budget with less drain from parallel services. The table gives an idea of this wider impact where costs go up as patients become more and more dependent.

The next step?

How do you deliver better care and at a lower total cost? Let TENA be of service. Through TENA products and services, you can find the best balance between costs and care quality. And make care at home more viable for all involved.