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Recommended fluid intake per day is 2 litres

1. Keep drinking.

This may sound odd, but don´t restrict your fluid intake too much. You don´t want to get dehydrated. If you don´t drink enough your urine becomes too concentrated and it can lead to complications, such as bladder infections that can make the situation even worse.

2. No triggers

Caffeine, alcohol, and artificial sweeteners can increase the urge to go. If you can, try to avoid it totally for a while to see if it makes any difference.

Certain foods can also have an impact. Spicy and acidic food, like citrus fruit and tomatoes, for example. This is very individual so try to skip one type of food at a time to see if it effects you.

3. Relax

Stress can be a cause of bladder weakness. But the situation can also be very stressful in itself. Easy relaxation technics, like breathing exercises or meditation can help you cope with the symptoms.

4. Quit smoking

Do you need another reason to quit smoking? Ok, here it is: There's evidence that tobacco may aggravate urinary tract symptoms. And the coughing that comes with smoking also makes your incontinence symptoms worse.

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Public Tips

Maybe other men’s experience can be helpful.

Here’s a tip on fluid intake that has worked for me. Find out how much you need to drink during the day. Then space it out, cutting back a few hours before going to bed. This has helped me sleep much better during night.

— According to Ken in Dover

“When I have to change at work, I just roll the pad in a magazine. Nothing strange with a guy taking his time reading in the loo, right?”

— According to Nigel in London

Hi TENA! I don’t want my co-workers to spot my used pads in the toilet bin.
So when I have to get rid of a used pad, I put it in a nappy bag. They are small, non -see through and easy to keep in the pocket.

— According to Trevor in Devonshire

I just read that over 3.6 million men in the UK can’t control their bladder! I had no idea it was that many. Of course I don't wish this condition on anyone, it just felt good to know that I’m not alone.

— According to David in London

“I always make sure I buy products that are individually wrapped, then it’s easy to fit in my pocket.”

— According to Liam in Bristol

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