What YOU can do

First things first: If you haven´t already, you should see a doctor. Finding out what is causing your inconvenience is crucial to getting the right treatment. When you have a diagnose there is a lot you can do to get on top of things.

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Easy exercises can do wonders for your pelvic floor muscles. It will help you control the flow.

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Advice & Tips

We have consulted the experts. They gave good advice. So did ordinary men experiencing bladder weakness or urinary leaks. Get helpful tips on how to deal with everyday life.

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Experienced men

“Being a real supporter means going to watch the matches live. But when I realized that something was wrong with my bladder I thought I had to give it up.”

Peter, 58

“The thought never crossed my mind. And when it did,  I still denied it. Incontinence? Come on! That´s what old men have. That’s not me. Never.”

Martin, 52

“Being diagnosed with prostate cancer came as a complete chock. Suddenly I felt that I was not only standing in line. I could be up next.”

Richard, 66