Product range

We have a range of TENA for Men products that come in different levels of absorbency and different sizes to ensure you can find the product most comfortable for you whatever you are doing. You may find you prefer to opt for smaller lighter, absorbency products some days and a higher absorbency or TENA pants for those days when you are out about and don’t know what the day might bring.  For ease, we’ve divided the range into 3 sections: All products, light protection and moderate protection.

This is our full TENA for Men pad and pant range. You may find you want to use different products for different occasions. Read more about our different products below.

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TENA Men Level 2

Secure and discreet protection with medium absorbency control for security against moderate leaks:
  • Specially engineered for the male anatomy
  • Secure absorbent core that effectively locks in leaks
  • TENA Men Level 4

    Protective Underwear with maximum absorbency control for extra security against large leaks and for long-term use both day and night:
  • Specially engineered for the male anatomy with everyday underwear look
  • Secure absorbent core that effectively locks in leaks
  • Unique Odour Control
  • TENA Value

    New Improved TENA Value provides 2X the absorbency you need with Dry Fast Core and Super Absorb Gel, shaped for better security and comfort.

    TENA Slip

    TENA Slip, unbeatable all-in-one protection with maximum absorption and security against leakage and suitable for faecal incontinence. The hook tabs fastening system can be attached anywhere on the cloth-like non-woven backsheet for secure fit.

    TENA Flex Plus

    Superior absorption for heavy incontinence. Unique belted design with ComfiStretch™ and Breathable.

    TENA Pants

    TENA Pants Range with Dual Absorption Zone and 3X Protection from leaks, odour and moisture.

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