Types of incontinence

These are the main types of incontinence in men. We have used the correct medical term so you will recognise it when talking to your GP.

Urge Incontinence

This is also known as an “overactive bladder” and is the most common incontinence type for men. You experience a sudden urge to urinate and you leak because you cannot get to the bathroom in time. This is often linked to either an enlarged prostate or the aftermath of prostate surgery. You may need to urinate more frequently than the usual 4-8 times a day. Often at night too.

Stress Incontinence

If you leak when you cough, sneeze, laugh or lift a heavy weight, you may have stress incontinence. It is most common in men after prostate surgery. The usual cause is damage to the pelvic floor muscles.

After dribble

You lose a few drops after you have been to the toilet, even if you have 'waited and shaken’. It happens because the bladder doesn’t empty completely and the urine is accumulating in the tube leading out from your bladder. This is also common with an enlarged prostate or weakened pelvic floor muscles.

Overflow incontinence

When you have a constant or intermittent flow of urine (not only when you’re exerting yourself) it could be overflow incontinence. It is usually caused by something obstructing the flow and should be checked out by a doctor.


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