TENA Discreet Night Pad | Light Urinary Pads

TENA Discreet incontinence pads are especially designed with more than 10x DRIER** for women who are experiencing bladder weakness or light urinary leak.
TENA Discreet Night Pad is suitable for heavy leakage or overnight use. TENA Discreet Night Pad has Triple Protection from leaks, odour and moisture which give you the confidence and stay in control throughout the day.

**Compared to usual sanitary pads based on in house method

  • Triple protection
  • 10x Drier **
  • Dermatologically tested and perfume free

Product benefits

TENA Lady with Triple Protection from leaks, odour and moisture

Triple protection

TENA Discreet gives you Triple Protection from leaks, odour and moisture, helping you stay dry, secure and confident.
TENA Discreet

10x Drier **

Specially designed to absorb urine, skin feels dry.
TENA Discreet bladder weakness liners, pads plus night pads for women are dermatologically tested.

Dermatologically tested and perfume free

All materials in the product are carefully tested to be safe and kind to the skin.
TENA Renewable packaging

Renewable packaging

TENA cares about tomorrow, that is why we kickstarted less plastic solution.
TENA Discreet


** 10x drier vs usual sanitary pads
TENA Discreet

No leaking

Compressing technology gives absorbency where it matters making sure your loved one has the security and the discretion that is needed.
TENA Discreet

High absorption

With SAP to give you 2x absorbency than usual sanitary pads.
TENA Discreet


With breathable textile backsheet, user will not feel moist and heaty.
TENA Discreet has odour control to reduce unwanted odour

Odour control

Fresh Odour Control to reduce the development of odour.
TENA Discreet

With wings

No-slip wings, designed to stay in place for your active lifestyle and able to hold in one position even during sleeping position.

Product facts


Available in lengths:

Length: 32 cm

Available in packages:

  • Consumer pack: 10 pcs
  • Consumer pack: 20 pcs