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TENA Lady Liners

  • TENA Lady Liners give you Triple Protection against leaks, odour and moisture. Just as thin as regular panty liners, but much more absorbent
  • TENA Lady Liners are specially designed for the unexpected little leaks to quickly lock in moisture and control odour for everyday freshness
  • Gives you discreet protection

TENA Lady Ultra Mini

The regular sized panty liner in the TENA Lady range


  • All TENA Lady products give you Triple Protection from leaks, odour and moisture. Helping you stay dry, secure & confident every day and night
  • The carefully designed surface inlet zone keeps you dry
  • Advanced active micro-fresh pearls reduce the development of odour

TENA Lady Discreet Mini Plus Wings

Designed for light bladder leakage with added length and wings providing additional security

TENA Lady Discreet Normal

Designed for light to medium bladder leakage

TENA Lady Extra

Designed for medium bladder leakage

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