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Fight the leaks with kegel exercises

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles will reduce incontinence.
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The one thing that truly helps

Your bladder is kept in place by a number of muscles in your pelvic floor. As long as these muscles function well, you’re in total control of when urine is allowed to come out. It’s when the muscles lose their resilience that leaks might start to happen. That’s why one of the most important things with managing incontinence is to learn how to isolate your pelvic floor muscles and exercise them regularly. It’s the one thing that works best, above all other efforts, when restraining urinary leakage. 

The invisible workout

A nifty thing about pelvic floor workouts, or kegel exercises, is that you can do them anywhere, at any time – and no one will even notice. At a meeting, bus stop or on a dinner date – just clench, clench, clench. The biggest job for you is to remember to do them.