TENA for nursing homes

At TENA, we are committed to providing better continence care for all. With 50 years of experience, we partner with you to tailor solutions that offer optimum fit and functionality, improving quality of care.

TENA for nursing homes

Committed support for your daily work

At TENA, we understand that each situation and individual is unique and for us, individualised care is key. This means providing products and care routines that are tailored for each resident, as well as your work environment. By partnering with you, we support you in delivering rewarding continence care that improves your residents’ quality of life, and the efficiency of your care home.

Identifying individual needs

We provide you with tools to help you assess each of your residents’ individual care needs, so that you can offer the right care for each person. Care that is personal, dignified and efficient since you will have a better understanding of what works for who.

Individualised care plans

Care plans that are tailored to the needs of your residents are a vital part of optimal continence care. Our support tools help you to design individualised care routines, involving product usage, toilet routines and healthy skincare regimen. Individualised plans not only improve the quality of life for your resident, but also support the efficiency of your staff and working environment.

Supporting daily care

We offer a range of support tools to help you and your staff implement individualised care plans. Our online training and expert advice from experienced nurses help your staff to deliver continence care that makes a difference to your resident and your business.

Sustained improvements

To ensure that improvements in your care home are sustained year upon year, we offer a range of tools to measure and evaluate the success of our solutions. We help you to continuously evaluate your budget based on incontinence-related costs, as well as providing tools to measure improvements in your residents’ skin health, and your residents’ and staff’s satisfaction.


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