TENA Pants

The TENA pants range is made for individuals and will fulfill the needs of your customers

More and more people will require continence care

1 in 3 women over 50, and one in four men over 40 suffer from urine leakage.[1,2] As the population ages, (there will be 1 billion people aged over 60 by 2017[3] demand for continence products is growing too. With TENA pants you can help your customers live the lifestyles they enjoy, with confidence.

1 in 4 men

experience urine leakage, including drips and dribbles2

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1 in 3 women

experience urine leakage, including little leaks1

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Helping you meet individual needs

There is also a shift towards more care at home, creating a growing need for products that are easy to use by independent individuals or caregivers.  These changing needs present new opportunities to help improve quality of life for customers and to grow your business.

As the demand for a greater choice of pants products to meet changing needs grows, TENA has a solution that fits. The TENA pants range is designed to meet individual needs, including new gender-specific products for active people. 

With the improved TENA Pants range you can offer all of your customers the perfect individualized solution, building sales and customer loyalty.

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