TENA Men - make room for men in your pharmacy

Introducing the next generation of male incontinence protection. TENA Men Level 1-3 is the new range of discreet and secure male incontinence pads that enable men to live active lives.

New, masculine design for discreet security

With an enhanced, masculine design and improved fit, the new TENA Men Level 1-3 expresses high quality and performance, with a premium feel. TENA Men let men stay in control and live active lives. 91% of men testing the products were satisfied and rated the products highly[1].


  1. New masculine design expressing high quality and performance
  2. Improved product fit and shape
  3. Thinner products (Level 1 and 2) for 100% discretion
  4. Boosted absorbent core for 100% security

TENA Men illustration

Attracting health-conscious men to your pharmacy

man training with weights

  • Men’s focus on fitness, health and wellbeing is a growing trend[2].
  • They are spending more time and money than ever before to explore new
  • products and seek professional advice on personal health[3].
  • Today’s mid-lifers continue to lead active, vigorous lives – including
  • outdoor activities that requires them to stay in shape[4].
  • 7 in 10 men over 40 are concerned with issues regarding their health[5].
With millions of men suffering from urine leakage, male incontinence protection plays an important role in helping men to maintain a desired,healthy lifestyle.
Pharmacies can leverage their role as a trusted expert by attracting healthconscious men, with big business potential. Providing the right products and services is the key to success. TENA Men Level 1-3 will strengthen the male pharmacy offering and help boost your business.

Leading the conversation with the male customer

We know that discussing incontinence with customers can be challenging. TENA is dedicated to empowering you to advise customers with confidence, boosting your business through superior products and services. That is why we are offering conversation support on how to initiate and lead the conversation. Download TENA Men Conversation Support PDF.

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TENA Men marketing efforts will drive demand

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We are committed to build knowledge and create awareness of the available solutions for male incontinence products. Our consumer campaign drives demand, bringing them to your pharmacy. We are offering you a full range of POS material, displays, samples and leaflets to help you create visibility in store that encourages men to seek advice and purchase the products.


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