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The person in need of an incontinence product:


      Some TENA products are gender specific in order to fit male/female anatomy the best way possible

      Choose the gender you are searching an incontinence product for, to get the best individual result


Level of mobility

      Knowing the user’s level of mobility helps choosing a product that improves their quality of life.

      Individuals who are able to toilet themselves may benefit from the underwear-like TENA Pants to support their independence.

      TENA Flex suits both bedridden and mobile individuals. This product is easy to handle, comes in different sizes and suit most body types.


Urine volume

The amount of urine loss helps selecting a product with appropriate absorption capacity.

Urine loss can differ depending on activities and time of day.

The product’s absorption level also depends on changing frequency.

The number of changes is individual and may vary based on the amount of fluid intake, bowel incontinence and skin sensitivity.


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