• TENA Value | All-in-one incontinence protection with tabs

TENA Value

TENA Value all-in-one diaper offers 2X the absorbency that the wearer's needs. It is specially designed for semi-mobile/bed-ridden users in South East Asia. TENA Value comes in two sizes - M and L.

  • 2X absorbency
  • Excellent fluid retention
  • Effective leakage prevention

Product Benefits

2X absorbency

2X the absorbency the wearer needs

Excellent fluid retention

New Improved Dry Fast Core designed with Soft Acquisition Layer and Super Absorb Gel locks away wetness and keep skin dry and comfortable.

Effective leakage prevention

Leak Guard Protection provides maximum containment of urine and feces.

Skin soothing layer with 4 botanical extracts

Skin soothing layer contains botanical extracts of Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Olive and Vitamin E that keeps skin soothed and healthy.

Wetness indicator for easy change

Wetness indicator color fades when diaper gets wet. Caregivers easily know when to do a diaper change.

Better fit and comfort

Refastening frontal patch allows for repeated adjustment of tape tabs for more comfortable fit.


Fits hip sizes:

80cm to 110cm

Available in packages:

  • Consumer pack: 12 Pieces
  • Transport unit: 8 Packs

Fits hip sizes:

114cm to 147cm

Available in packages:

  • Consumer pack: 10 Pieces
  • Transport unit: 8 Packs

Product specification

Product Absorbency
Size Hip
Pieces Pcs/
TENA Value
M 80cm 110cm 12 96
TENA Value
L 114cm 147cm 10 80