Preventing moisture lesions with TENA Wash Cream

    TENA Wash Cream, a no rinse cleanser, now comes in an individual 100ml tube for improved cost-effective care and patient quality of life.

    Improved quality of life

    Skin hygiene is incredibly important for patients experiencing incontinence. However, repeated washing and drying of the skin can increase fragility causing issues such as incontinence associated dermatitis (iad) and moisture lesions. TENA Wash Cream is an effective and great alternative to soap; preventing unnecessary irritation whist cleaning, moisturizing and protecting fragile skin. 
    A recent independent study published by the Journal of Wound Care proved that TENA Wash Cream, together with an educational regime, improved patients skin health – reducing moisture lesions by over 70%.[1]
    If you would like to learn more about skin care and incontinence, visit our page about delicate skin.

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    Better for patients, better for carers

    Quality, cost effective care

    The study also showed that packaged in individual 100ml tubes, TENA Wash Cream was more cost-effective, as individual patient portions reduced the risk of cross contamination and wastage of bigger tubes. Making it a smart option for incontinence management in nursing homes and hospitals.

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    1. P, A. Begg et al. Non-rinse skin cleansers: the way forward in preventing incontinence related moisture lesions. Journal of Woundcare. Vol 25, No 5, May 2016.