Practical incontinence advice for managing patients and residents

We have gathered much insight and knowledge from our many years of working in the field of continence care and personal hygiene.

Learn more about continence care by reading these practical tips

  • Patients and residents should continue to be toileted based on their individual needs
  • Incontinence products should only be used if they are needed and not just in case of an assumed incontinence.
  • TENA products should only be used by the person who has been assessed for them. 
  • The products should only be used one at a time. 
  • If you find that the wearing of incontinence products discourages some clients from using the toilet or a urinal, it may be more appropriate to use the products selectively, i.e. at specific times of day or for visits/outings. 
  • If a person is able to fit their own products, it’s important to show them how to do so correctly to ensure the products work correctly. 
  • TENA incontinence pads should be worn close to the body to prevent air from coming into contact with the urine resulting in the formation of ammonia, odour, and skin irritation. 
  • If the client is being toileted successfully and the wetness indicators of the products are still visible, they may be too absorbent for the client. 
  • If leakage is occurring, please ensure that the fitting technique is correct.