TENA Disposable Bibs

For use during feeding, disposable bibs prevent spills and stains from getting on a person’s clothes. They can be made fully of paper or plastic with an absorbent front pocket to collect spills and avoid messy situations.

This accessory is especially useful for adults or seniors who have mobility issues due to conditions like arthritis, Parkinson’s disease and stroke. They are also helpful accessories for caretakers at home, and professionals at nursing homes or hospitals. This is because no washing is required; the bibs can be easily thrown away after use for hygiene purposes.

TENA Bibs are designed to make meal time as dignified, hygienic and mess-free as possible. They have a waterproof plastic film base that acts as an effective shield against fluids and an absorbent cellulose front pocket that collects any spills. This ensures that they stay out of contact with the user’s skin and clothes.

They are also easy to use, with adjustable neck bands that secure the serviette in place. Our bibs are designed with a professional fit to provide the widest surface area for protection against spills.

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  • Handy and disposable bibs
  • Bibs with front pocket
  • Adjustable neck band

Product benefits

Handy and disposable bibs

TENA Bibs are handy and disposable serviette bibs. Easy to put on, easy to dispose of.

Bibs with front pocket

The front pocket on TENA Bibs collects any spills.

Adjustable neck band

The adjustable integral back tie secure the bib stays in place, close to the neck.
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TENA Protects Program

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Product facts

Available in lengths:

Length: 46 cm

Available in widths:

Width: 37 cm

Available in packages:

Consumer pack: 150 pcs