TENA Hygiene | Incontinence Sheet

TENA Hygiene Sheet provides extra protection for beds when for example changing incontinence products, ensuring that beds and other soft furnishings are protected. The disposable hygiene sheet is made of two-layered tissue with liquid barriers, a thin plastic membrane for leakage protection and soft surface material. TENA Hygiene Sheet are a cost efficient solution and are available in a variety of sizes, to fit whichever surface it needs to.

  • Protective sheets with a thin plastic membrane
  • Strong multipurpose protectors
  • TENA Protects Program

Product benefits

Protective sheets with a thin plastic membrane

These protective sheets have a thin plastic membrane to protect the mattress.

Strong multipurpose protectors

Threading provides high strength and overall product quality.
TENA Protects program - Making a better mark on the planet

TENA Protects Program

Step by step, we are reducing our carbon footprint by 50% by 2030 in Europe, making a better mark on the planet. TENA has always been about protecting people, and it is our responsibility to protect the planet too.

Product facts

Available in lengths:

Length: 210 cm

Available in widths:

Width: 80 cm

Available in packages:

Consumer pack: 100 pcs