One may blush at the subject of incontinence. But that shouldn't stop you from seeking the advice you need to help you manage the condition.

Need some expert advice? Sometimes it’s important to speak to a medical specialist. We have TENA nurses who are specially trained in issues around bladder weakness. So, if you have a specific question regarding this matter, we’ll be happy to answer it. And remember, whatever your question, we will always get back to you in confidence.


I have sensitive skin and some products can bring me out in a rash. Are TENA products safe for me to use?

I've just had a hysterectomy and a bladder sling. Is it possible that my incontinence will continue for a while? The doctor told me I had a hernia on the bladder and that he had to repair that as well. Is this a common occurrence? Adrienne

Do you always get bladder weakness after a hysterectomy? Elaine

Due to nerve damage in my back, I have a neurogenic bladder. I have overflow incontinence and have been tested for feeling in the bladder as I only feel it when it's overfull. I’m seeing a Urologist who’s sending me for a cat scan and blood tests, then I will get a cystoscope. The urine test showed blood in the urine. What am I in for? Francesca

There are certain times in a month when I seem to have issues with urine leaking out. This is not a permanent thing but usually once a month I get this. I can't even get up without urine leaking out. Is there a reason for this? Oksana

What can be prescribed to help an overactive bladder? So far I’ve had Oxybutin and Elmiron with no success. I also took estrogen for many years. Nothing seems to work for me. Your help would be greatly appreciated because I’m sick of having sleepless nights. Alicia