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Andrea on living with incontinence

“I was afraid that somebody would notice”
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Andrea's story

"As a saleswoman in a clothing store, I’m on my feet all day and I constantly deal with customers. Many years ago, I started leaking urine during physical exertion. For example, if I lifted something heavy in the warehouse, a few drops of urine could end up in my panties. I was afraid that my colleagues – or maybe even a customer – might notice something.
After some hesitation I told my best friend Gabi. She recommended a special pad for bladder weakness. This was wonderful and I lived perfectly well for years. But eventually my problem grew larger and the pads no longer gave me sufficient protection.
When I heard about the new TENA protective underwear, I was very skeptical. A liner or a pad in my panties was not that big a deal, but abandon my comfortable briefs and instead put on a protective underwear? This was unimaginable for me. However, my curiosity won and I ordered a free sample. At least I wanted to try them out. 
When the package arrived, I was expecting thick, old-fashioned underwear that would be noticeable under my clothes. But in fact, it was the opposite; the TENA protective underwear is tight against my body and has a nice design. No one can see that I'm wearing a bladder weakness product under my jeans, and the protective underwear is much more absorbent than pads. This sense of security is exactly what I was looking for. Now I wear TENA protective underwear every day and I don’t even notice it anymore." 
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Understanding bladder weakness

Valuable information about incontinence.

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Find your fit

Let us help you find the right protection.

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Five minutes a day

Experience what pelvic floor exercises can do for you.

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