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Mixed incontinence

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Mixed incontinence is when you’re dealing with both stress incontinence, i.e. the involuntary leakage when there’s pressure on the abdomen, and urge incontinence, i.e. when your bladder is overactive. However, you probably notice that only one of them is prominent.
Strengthening the pelvic floor is the best thing you can do to reduce the risk of any type of incontinence. As little as five minutes a day can make a huge difference and significantly reduce the risk of leaks occurring. 
You can also manage the symptoms of mixed incontinence with protective liners, pads or underwear. Visit our products page to find your fit, or order a free sample

Living with mixed incontinence

"I found it hard to live in the moment."

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Tips & tricks

Here’s what you can do.

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Five minutes a day

Reduce the risk of urine leaks with pelvic floor exercises.

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